The Europe

2020-06-28 13:15

Spain LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiBarcelona   

(≤3cbm) refund USD225/cbm

(>3cbm) refund USD210/cbm

Germany LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiHamburg

Refund USD60/cbm

France LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiLe Havre   

(≤1cbm) refund USD168/cbm

(>1cbm) refund USD146/cbm

British LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiFleixstowe

(≤1cbm) refund USD140/cbm

(>1cbm) refund USD128/cbm

Turkey LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiIstanbul

(≤1cbm) refund USD278/cbm

(1~3cbm) refund USD163/cbm

(>3cbm) Refund USD153/cbm

Greek LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiPiraeus

(≤1cbm) refund USD160/cbm

(1~3cbm) refund USD145/cbm

(>3cbm) Refund USD135/cbm

Holland LCL Service:   


1. ShanghaiRottdrdam

(≤1cbm) refund USD168/cbm

(1~3cbm) refund USD148/cbm

(>3cbm) Refund USD133/cbm

Belgium LCL Service


1. Shanghai→Antwerp

(≤1cbm) Refund USD137/cbm

(>1cbm) Refund USD127/cbm

PS. All subjects to the export local charge.

Also our company can handle import cargo fm worldwide to shanghai for LCL /FCL service , if you have any inquiry , u can call us and we will provide competitive rate and Satisfied service as well.

All export LCL ocean rates for reference only, please free to contact with the custom service for further details.